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Fulfillment Policy


Warehousing or amazon 

We warehouse our product. We don’t use fulfillment centers. We control every aspect to ensure that your order arrives in the condition you expect. Our warehouse staff is trained to consistently identify our grading requirements. Products are warehoused and inventoried according to their assigned grade; the grades remain physically separated within the warehouse. Our warehouse staff is trained in the art of packing orders so your items are protected and arrive in the desired condition. Our warehouse is clean, organized, and climate-controlled. All of these elements are critical to our process and philosophy of the collectible market


Shipping From Our Warehouse 

We have a never-ending selection of toys and products that can make anyone's day better. We store all of our products purchased from our website. This efficient way helps us have full control over the condition items are purchased in. They are stored and sold base on their grading scale. We thrive on our warehouse cleanliness and organization to make sure all items are kept under the best condition to ensure great items when purchased.

You Can Also shop our items on Amazon and eBay. coming soon.


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