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Package Grade Policy

Package Grading
It's happened to all of us. We make an online purchase, only to be disappointed when we open the box and see a poorly packed product with damaged packaging. As we all know, package condition is very important with collectible items; it makes a difference in display, enjoyment, and value.
Many retailers tend to ignore the importance of collecting or not be operationally designed to support collecting. This is what makes BigBadToyStore different – we recognize collecting and have the functional systems in place to accommodate the collector. Our entire website, warehouse, and system are built around the idea that a collector should be able to choose the condition of their product and receive it in that condition when they open their package.
-We all have had bad experiences with poorly packaged items, the items are either damaged or completely destroyed. Packaging is very important to us. All items purchased are special no matter the occasion. No one wants to display a damaged collectable, It’s impossible to enjoy a broken toy. We Acknowledge  and value   
When a shipment arrives at the dock our staff sorts, grades, and warehouses the products by the condition of the packaging. When purchasing a product you will choose from several different packaging grade options
-We thrive on organizing the products based the perfect grading scale.  When items are purchased below A 100 level it will include the grading level so you can purchase items at a discount and can fully know the condition of your purchase.
Collector’s Grade
Collector's Grade is for the discerning collector who wants the item's packaging to be near to mint as possible. We go through a rigorous process to find Collector's Grade items. Each item is inspected, graded, and verified by two people before being accepted. Next, each item is wrapped in a plastic bag to prevent any future scuffing or scratching and placed in a custom made box which is sized to fit the product. This box is then sealed, labeled, and carefully stored in our warehouse. When the item is shipped we securely pack it in another box providing additional protection.
—Collectable items are items that are unopened and in original near perfect condition. No dents, no creases, no tags are on the packaging. Items are strategically package to prevent any damage. 
Damaged Grade
Damaged Grade items are a step below Substandard Grade. The packaging on these items is more or less destroyed and may be opened, but the items themselves are still in mint condition. If you can get over the initial packaging shock, it is a good way to pick up items at a discounted price!
Products that are below standard grading. Which may include items that are more or less destroyed, opened boxed items, or items with dent packaging but are in good condition.

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