BARON FELS TIE INTERCEPTOR Star Wars 3 INCH Titanium Series Die Cast Vehicle

  • Raised on Coruscant in humble surroundings, Soontir Fel developed his piloting skills dusting his familyâ€s crops before being accepted into the Imperial Academy.
  • There, he served with distinction, graduating near the top of his class.
  • He distinguished himself in battle, becoming the Empireâ€s premier fighter ace, and turning the 181st Imperial Fighter Wing into an elite combat unit.
  • He took to the role of celebrity-soldier easily, accepting promotions, honors and accolades with stoic humility.
  • He became the face of the Imperial space force, appearing in propaganda vids and holo-boards across the galaxy.
  • This public persona made his subsequent capture and defection to the New Republic that much more of a blow to the shattered Empire.
  • Take your imagination to new heights with this carefully crafted, die-cast metal Baron Felâ€s TIE Interceptor model. Painstakingly created to mimic every out-of-this-world detail, this vehicle adds tons of excitement to your intergalactic battles and makes a stellar addition to your collection!

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