Batman Year 1997 Legends of the Dark Knight Premium Collector Series Action Figure


  • Includes : The Penguin with Spinning Attack Umbrella
  • Figure measured approximately 5-1/2 inch tall
  • Produced in year 1997
  • For age 4 and up
  • A mutant bird-like human with a mysterious past, the Penguin never ceases to plunder Gotham City of its most precious possessions. His powerful hatred of Batman and Robin is as encompassing as his inconceivable lust for riches. His obsession to neutralize Dark Night will never cease until Batman is no longer. The Penguin has powers to use Gotham City's vast bird population to aid him in his sinister plans. Though he doesn't necessarily appear dangerous, his looks are deceiving: at his core is the heartless void of one of Gotham City's most ruthless villains!

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