Battlestar Galactica Hasbro Titanium Series 4 Diecast Mini Cylon Raider [Classic]


  • Raiders are the primary assault vehicles of the Cylon Imperium.
  • Deployed from immense Cylon Basestars, each raider is technically more than a match for the Colonial Viper, making up what it lacks in speed with superior armament and maneuverability.
  • Making matters even worse for the human pilots of the Battlestar Galactica is the universal Cylon tactic of three-unit Raider wings, making almost any engagement a three on one battle.
  • The only advantage an outnumbered, outgunned human pilot has over the formidable Raider is his innate talent for improvisation and abstract thinking.
  • Launch into Battlestar Galactica action with this awesome die-cast metal vehicle!
  • Collectible Classic Ceylon Raider vehicle that comes with a display stand!

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