Cult Classics Series 3 Flyboy Zombie Action Figures


  • This isn't the morning of the dead or the twilight of the dead.
  • This isn't the evening of the dead or the midnight of the dead.
  • Forget about the dusk of the dead, this is the Dawn of the Dead!
  • Straight from George Romero's zombie gorefest comes the Flyboy Zombie Action Figure.
  • He's going to be joining a bunch of other cool movie characters in Cult Classics Series 3, but he serves the distinction of being the first George Romero Zombie Action Figure ever!
  • That's a pretty big honor considering how many decades have spanned since the original Night of the Living Dead.
  • Oh, sure, there will be more of his zombie kin from Dawn of the Dead to show up in future Cult Classics lines, but the fact that this ghoul comes first is an undead honor!
  • Anyhow, here is a look at the Flyboy Zombie Action Figure in his sharp clamshell packaging!

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