G.I. Joe 2.5 Inch Mission Circuit Breaker


  • Set of 4 action figures includes HEAVY B.A.T. with firing missile, DUKE, HEAVY DUTY and TUNNEL RAT with launching grenade
  • Comes with mission manual
  • Ages 5 & up
  • This mission's goal is to infiltrate a COBRA B.A.T manufacturing plant to stop a dangerous new version of sentient robots from being built.
  • A team will be deployed at the perimeter of the COBRA plant.
  • HEAVY DUTY will disable perimeter guards and use his power gloves to punch a hole into the building.
  • TUNNEL RAT will access the building via a small drainage tube that leads to the COBRA B.A.T. prototype section. DUKE will locate all data on the new COBRA B.A.T. development, download the data to the SIGMA 6 computers and install a virus to destroy the computer systems and all data they contain.

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