G.I. Joe 2.5 Inch Mission Night Blade


  • Set of 4 action figures includes Snake Eyes with magnetic Whip-Star weapon, Storm Shadow with magnetic sword, Kamakura and Ninja B.A.T.
  • Comes with mission manual!
  • This mission's goal is to recover an ancient power-generating artifact before Cobra ninjas get inside a museum to steal the device.
  • Snake Eyes and Kamakura will be dropped at a large city museum.
  • The mission is urgent because SIGMA 6 has learned that Cobra is also sending a ninja team to retrieve the artifact.
  • The goal is to get the artifact, not to capture the Cobra ninjas.
  • Snake Eyes and Kamakura must use all their combat techniques to avoid Storm Shadow and the Ninja B.A.T., so they can get back to the drop point to get picked up.

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