Hasbro Indiana Jones 12 Inch Figure - Indiana Jones with Whip Action


  • In a Cairo marketplace, a band of local thugs attacks Indy and Marion.
  • Despite his opponent's slick skills, Indy defeats him with just one shot from his pistol
  • Embark on your own thrilling adventures with this Indiana Jones action figure. A 16-inch whip fits in Indy's hand
  • Give it a press for whip-cracking sounds and action
  • Action figure comes with shirt, pants, pair of boots, hat, belt, messenger bag, holster with removable pistol and 16-inch whip
  • Relying on his fists, whip, and quick reflexes, Indy defeats the whole pack
  • A removable pistol fits in Indy's holster, and he also comes with a messenger bag for stowing Indy's treasures

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