Hasbro Star Wars E3 OF13 Darth Vader


  • Star Wars Force Battlers Figure: Darth Vader
  • 6-1/2-inch-tall figure from Star Wars: Episode IV
  • 180-degree rotating arms, wrists, waist, legs for accuracy during light saber battles
  • Includes light saber, missile, missile launcher
  • Cape expands into glider for swooping into battle
  • Pit this Jedi master gone astray against Rebel forces or re-enact some of the famous battle scenes between this evil warrior and his son, Luke Skywalker (sold separately). This menacing 6-1/2-inch-tall collectible Darth Vader figure comes clad in black armor and wielding his signature red light saber. The villain’s head, waist, legs, elbows, and wrists rotate 180 degrees, enabling him to achieve any angle during light saber duels. A button on Vader’s cape opens up into a glider so he can swoop down on enemies or make a fast winged getaway. A backup weapon—a missile with launcher—mounts onto the back of the Dark Lord’s cape for additional fire power. This figure is a great acquisition for old-school collectors or a fun toy for kids just becoming acquainted with the Star Wars epic.

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