Hasbro Star Wars Holographic Emperor


  • This is a great semi-transparent re-mold of the #12 Emperor figure and a wrist-mounted force lightning launcher and comes with his Lightsaber!
  • Adults might be more likely than children to have an appreciation of the Emperor Palpatine character from the Star Wars series of movies.
  • After all, adults have probably voted for a politician or two that proved later not to be entirely on the up and up. Palpatine, of course, takes that concept a tad bit further than most since rarely do traditional earthbound Republicans or Democrats seek to eliminate the entire class of Jedi warriors and subsequently rule the universe, cloaked in evil, with an iron fist.
  • When Darth Vader is your advisor, that’s corruption in its purest form.
  • This purplish action figure of Palpatine in his Emperor status is purported to be holographic, and while we had a hard time really seeing that, the spooky hue sets him apart from other figures.
  • He can be made to hold either an included staff or lightsaber.
  • Just don't vote for him when hels up for re-election.

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