Hasbro Titanium Series Star Wars 3 Inch at-at


  • Collectible, die-cast metal Jedi Starfighter vehicle has poseable head and legs, and comes with a display stand.
  • Ages 4 and up.
  • Imperial tactics are typically founded on shocking and terrifying the enemy, a goal that often pre-empts force protection or efficiency.
  • It is this tactical philosophy that gave rise to the AT-AT.
  • Huge, heavily armored and slow moving, these awesome vehicles are impervious to most weapons fire, but there are several easily exploitable flaws that the Rebellion has used to bring them down.
  • Despite this, Imperial walkers have proven quite effective; few forces in the galaxy can mount an effective defense for long against a full AT-AT assault.
  • Detailed die-cast metal vehicle comes complete with poseable legs and head, and a display stand!
  • This is one awesome die-cast vehicle for your collection.

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