Indiana Jones and German Mechanic Indiana jones Adventure Heroes


  • INDIANA JONES & GERMAN MECHANIC * Indiana Jones Adventure Heroes * Raiders of the Lost Ark 2 Pack
  • Figures measure approximately 2 inches tall
  • Orginally released in 2008 - Retired / Out of Production
  • Ages 3+
  • From Hasrbo
  • Discover ancient history and join the quest for fortune and glory! This collectible series features an exciting mix of characters from some of the most action-packed movie scenes. So grab your whip and hang onto your fedora hat. Your next adventure is about to begin with the Indiana Jones Adventure Heroes! A new adventure begins here! Team up with these two fun figures and recreate exciting action scenes from the movie or create your own adventures! Adventure Heroes are child-friendly figures set in 2 inch scale. Indiana Jones is clad in his standard gear, complete with a coiled whip. The shirtless German Mechanic is considerably larger than Jones, and armed with fists the size of elephant feet. Indiana's attempt to commandeer a Luftwaffe flying wing is met with rebuke by German soldiers. Jones is capable of dispatching any garden variety German soldier with little or no effort, but the towering German Mechanic is capable of weathering Indianas staunchest attack, and is capable of felling Indiana with a single punch.

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