Indiana Jones Cargo Truck 3 Inch Titanium Series Raiders of The Lost ARK


  • CARGO TRUCK & MINI INDIANA JONES * Indiana Jones 3 Inch Titanium Series RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK Die-Cast Metal Vehicle
  • Vehicle measures approximately 3 INCHES long. Includes mini Indiana Jones figure (dragging behind the vehicle), removable rear canopy and a custom display base.
  • Originally released in 2008 - Retired / Out of production
  • Age 4+
  • From Hasbro
  • Only a madman would think of taking on an armed German convoy from horseback, but that's what Indiana Jones did. Of course, now he's being dragged at high speed behind a truck full of soldiers. The wheels of the truck kick up a gritty cloud of dirt, but from where he is, Indy can just see the crate in which the Ark of the Covenant has been encased. If he can just make his way up to the driver's seat, he thinks, he'll have it made. Vehicle comes with display stand. Ages 4 and up. From Hasbro

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