Indiana Jones Deluxe Figure: German Soldier 2-Pack


  • When Rene Belloq discovers Indy and Sallah digging into the Well of Souls, he leads a group of German soldiers to the site, eager to claim for himself the excavated Ark.
  • The soldiers hold Sallah and Indy's crew at gunpoint while Belloq and Toht make off with the prize, leaving Indy and Marion trapped inside a pit of deadly snakes.
  • Join the race for the elusive Ark of the Covenant!
  • Team up with this pair of German Soldier figures, armed with weapons and eager to carry out their mission.
  • Recreate exciting scenes from the film or create new excitement all your own with these detailed figures.
  • Figures come armed with weapons and ready to fight for the elusive Ark of the Covenant.
  • Figure measures 3.75" tall.

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