Indiana Jones Titanium Series Last Crusade Biplane


  • Hooked onto the bottom of a German zeppelin for use as a defense and reconnaissance plane, this aging biplane fighter is hugely outclassed by the Messerschmitt Bf-109s pursuing it.
  • The only advantage Indy and his father have in their primitive craft is the relative combat inexperience of the German pilots, and the ability of the biplane to withstand a significant amount of damage to its fuselage before it simply falls apart in midair.
  • Their only hope is to ditch the plane, and try to outrun the German fighters on foot.
  • Act out a thrilling Indiana Jones action scene with this scaled-down version of the open-aired flying vehicle.
  • Complete with a rotating propeller and a rear-facing Indiana Jones figure, this die-cast collectible is ready to fly its way into your collection.

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