Justice League Superman Resin Figurine


  • Justice League Superman Resin Figurine
  • Highly Detailed cold cast
  • Hand Painted and Interlocking tech bases
  • Ages 5 and up
  • Krypton's Last Son, Kal-El aka Superman, is the figurehead and leader of the Justice League. Superman is the pinnacle of superhuman achievement. Not only does he inspire normal people, but other heroes look up to him as well. The rest of the Justice League looks to him for leadership and guidance. The public trusts Superman and as long as he remains the figurehead of the League, the public will place their confidence in them. Resin Figurine's Features: 1) cartoon accurate sculpting 2) Hand-painted detailing 3) One of an 8 character collectible set 4) Interlocking tech bases form a huge battle scene pitting the Justice League against Lex Luthor.

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