Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King - Pelennor Playset


  • Comes with; 2 Mordor Orcs, 2 Gondorian Soldiers, 1 Siege Troll,
  • 1 Siege Tower and 1 Gondorian Catapult
  • Tallest figure about 7cm tall
  • Made by Play Along in 2004 and long out of production
  • This incredibly detailed set faithfully recreates the Gondorian catapult and siege tower from the climactic battle scene in Lord of the Rings The Return of the King. The playset includes three 3" action figures that are articulated and feature dynamic poses. Each figure comes complete with a detachable display base. All figures are scaled to one another as they appear in the films. (In 1:24 scale, a 6' tall character stands 3" tall.) This battle playset includes everything you need to recreate the climactic adventures: three 3" figures, beasts, weapons, catapult and siege tower.

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