Marvel Legends Series 3 Action Figure Daredevil


  • Scale: 6 Inch Format: Action Figures Packaging: Clamshell Manufacturer: Toy Biz Matt Murdock is a lawyer who lost his eyesight in an unfortunate biohazard accident (Note to wannabe superheroes: Nuclear waste and biohazards are not playthings!).
  • As a measure of redemption pertaining to this particular experience, Murdock flirts with the concept of turning himself into an edgy crusader in the name of justice and fairness for all.
  • Not succumbing to the physical effects of his disabling blindness, Murdock trains feverishly in a physical, mental, and psychological persistence in order to accomplish his mission and overcome his childhood demons.
  • Eventually, Murdock will reinvent himself as the Daredevil, the prowling and sleek red leather-clad vigilante with the uncanny athletic ability to fight furiously and move effortlessly through the haunting evening who's armed with only his strong sense of sound and smell--not to mention using his specialized walking cane as a unique tool for transporting the sightless avenger from rooftop to rooftop.
  • This figure comes with an exclusive comic! We receive both US and Canadian Cases.
  • You will get either English, bilingual or trilingual carded figures based on availability.

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