Marvel Legends Series 3 > Hydra Soldier (Yelling Variant) Action Figure [Toy]


  • Marvel Legends (Hasbro) Queen Brood Series Hydra Soldier Open Mouth NIP Action Figure from the 2007 toy series.
  • There was a time when the cry 'Hail Hydra' brought a chill to even the most hardened hero's heart, and a sweat to his brow.
  • Unfortunately for this ruthless terrorist organization determined to rule the world, that time has passed.
  • The death of its founder, Wolfgang von Strucker, years ago left it badly weakened.
  • Huge and highly centralized, Hydra lacks the flexibility to really effectively terrorize the world, and instead concentrates its resources on occasionally executing grand, but largely symbolic attacks.
  • As the world's heroes have grown ever more bulletproof, powerful, and organized, Hydra has lagged behind, still relying on these conventional soldiers.

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