Marvel Legends Showdown Starter Set Series 2 - Mr. Fantastic & Mole Man


  • Includes: 2 Figures. 2 Bases, 6 Power Cards, 12 Battle Tiles, 2 Projectile Launchers, 2 Projectiles. 2 Dices, Rulebook
  • The Ultimate Action Figure Battle!
  • The 4â Showdown figures roughly mirror the overall aesthetic and articulation of their larger Marvel Legends counterparts. The figures come with Showdown game accessories, display bases and mounting posts. With the Starter Set, you get two figures and apparently some added dice. Uncharacteristically bereft of the usual turkey-neck saltwater taffy anomalies, Mr. Fantastic is clad in his standard costume, equipped with a projectile blaster. Mole Man is equipped with his Elton John visor and projectile cannon. Mister Fantastic assists th Fantastic Four team both in the form of his superhuman elasticity and in his super-scientific intellect---the latter of which, more often that not, keeps the likes of Doctor Doom at bay. Mole Man, one of the earliest Fantastic Four antagonists, is a malformed outcast and a ruler of a subterranean kingdom. Preferring to work more obliquely, Mole Man usually he confronts the Fantastic Four through surrogate gigantic monstrosities.

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