Marvel Superhero Squad Mega Series 3 Fin Fang Foom & Iron Man Action Figure


  • Similar to the Galactic Heroes, Superhero Squad Mega Pack: Wave 3 - Fin Fang Foom & Iron Man should have limited articulation.
  • These child-friendly characters are more benign superheroes and supervillains.
  • A gigantic alien dragon, the green-scaled Fin Fang Foom is detailed by slender horns, webbed ears, wings and tail; the Superhero Squad version of Fin Fang Foom features a jovial behemoth-sized smile generally nonaffiliated with the character.
  • Iron Man, clad in his classic red and yellow armor, is hard-pressed to compete with Fin Fang Foom's imposing size, vast superhuman strength, and alien dragon martial arts prowess.

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