Silent Screamers Series 1 Nosferatu (1922 ) Graf Orlok the Undead Collectible Figure


  • Collectors Graf Orlok figure sculpted by Staffan Linder
  • Film Cell Collectors Card
  • Plaged rat diorama base with extra rats for display
  • Diorama base connects to Knock Renfields base to form a Huge Horrifying Scene
  • 8' vinyl figure
  • Join us as we unlock the vaults of the Silent Movie monsters. Inspired and recreated from the original Nosferatu(1922), regarded as one of the most influential movies in film history. Nosferatu introduced us to the world of the vampire. Graf Orlok unleashed terror unseen in any age with Knock Renfield, his lecherous bug eating minion. This figures pays close attention to detail in recreating this brilliant likeness for you to enjoy.

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