Star Wars 30th Anniversary Saga 2007 Exclusive Action Figure Battle Pack Attack on Kashyyyk


  • Pack of 5 poseable figures lets you recreate exciting scenes from the video game Star Wars: The Forc
  • Set in the dark times between Episodes III and IV, relive the aftermath of Order 66 and the continue
  • Includes 1 Darth Vader figure, 2 Stormtrooper figures, 2 Wookiee Warrior figures and weapons
  • For age 4 and up

Attack On Kashyyyk: Target Exclusive includes the following: Stormtroopers with blaster pistols, Darth Vader with cloth cape and red lightsaber, 2 Wookie Warriors with removable harnesses and large projectile-firing crossbows. This interim scene, occurring between Episodes III and IV recreates the hunt for a Jedi fugitive and Darth Vaderâs subsequent invasion of the verdant planet Kashyyyk. Armed with his lightsaber, Darth Vader expeditiously leads his Stormtrooper forces along a mist-shrouded path into a labyrinthine forest vista, and is abruptly greeted by towering, powerful Wookie warriors capable of shattering the Stormtroopers like a handful of #2 pencils.

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