Star Wars Battle Pack: Battle Packs - Battle Above the Sarlacc


  • Collection of five Star Wars figures
  • Recreate scenes from the films
  • Pretend intense combat and battles
  • Highly detailed and realistic
  • For ages four and up

No galaxy is complete without this collection of five Star Wars figures.

As the galaxy's most notorious bounty hunter tumbles into the Great Pit of Carkoon, one would assume that Boba Fett's days are numbered. This resourceful and fearless warrior may have other plans though.

Lando Calrissian is in a real sticky situation. Han Solo reaches out with a staff to rescue his friend from the clutches of Sarlacc.

Han Solo's eyesight starts to return after a long period of hibernation. He can now see that his friends are in a dire situation.

Luke Skywalker gives Jabba the Hutt one final warning before he makes his daring escape. Jabba foolishly laughs at Luke's threat, and it will ultimately be the last mistake he ever makes.

The skilled Weequay skiff guard battles the Rebels during the botched attempt to execute Luke Skywalker.

Set includes Boba Fett figure with quick-draw blaster action, Lando Calrissian figure with weapon, Han Solo figure with weapon, Luke Skywalker figure with weapon and Weequay skiff guard figure with weapon. Figures each measure 3.75".

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