Star Wars Clone Wars Legacy Collection Build-A-Droid Factory Action Figure BD No. 17 Coruscant Landing Platform Clone Trooper


  • 1x Droid Factory part.
  • Figure comes with accessories and 1 Droid Factory part.
  • Action figure, based on the character from the Star Wars film saga, comes with one Droid Factory par
  • Ages 4 and up.

Clone troopers are stationed on Coruscant to maintain order and provide for the many distinguished visitors who come and go from the planet. The troopers must be constantly vigilant against plots and attacks from the Separatists and their supporters.Team up with this no-nonsense warrior and head into a galactic battle " right from the comfort of your living room! Use this detailed Clone Trooper figure to recreate some of your favorite Star Wars movie moments! Articulated action figure comes with 1 Droid Factory part.

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