Star Wars Galactic Heroes Mini Figure 2-Pack Luke Skywalker & Obi-Wan Kenobi

The Galactic Heroes, a more child-based strain of the Star Wars line, are about two inches tall and look to have a little articulation to them. Dressed in his Dagobah training gear, Luke Skywalker is armed with a blue lightsaber and has a Yoda on his back. Obi-Wan is depicted in his semi-translucent ghost likeness, appearing exactly as he had during his final duel with Darth Vader. After Hoth, Luke and R-2 journeyed to the swamp world of Dagobah, where Luke had been advised by Obi-Wan to seek out the Jedi master Yoda. Initially, the entire matter seemed like dubious venture. Upon landing, Lukeâs X-wing sank into the swamp. Yoda appeared shortly thereafter and portrayed himself as an oddball little creature, testing Lukeâs patience. Later, once Lukeâs training had begun, he was directed to enter a dark malevolent glade where he was forced to confront his own demons in the form of a spectral version of Darth Vader.

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