Star Wars: Power of the Force Flashback R2-D2 Action Figure


Everybody loves a droid, and this 2.5-inch tall version of R2-D2 should be no exception. Bright blue, silver, and a hint of red help detail his white plastic body. A fine coating of brown specks covers his frame, reminiscent of the many times he requires a bath during the various Star Wars episodes. The prime feature on this particular R2-D2 model pops out of his stationary head: a translucent green lightsaber. With a quick push on R2's front silver control board, this high-flying projectile can shoot about four feet across a room. When they're placed side by side, the lightsaber actually stands a quarter-inch taller than the semireclined droid. Hasbro includes an Episode I flashback photo that shows R2-D2 during his early years on the planet Naboo.

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