Star Wars Power of the Jedi Action Figure - Ellorrs Madak


  • Star Wars
  • Ellorrs Madak Figure
  • Power of the Jedi
  • Jedi Force File
  • Collection 2

2000 - Star Wars - Power of the Jedi - Ellorrs Madak Figure - Jedi Force File - Fan's Choice Figure #1 - Mint in Package - Collectible - (PR)

How often does something as big as Star Wars give fans the opportunity to help create the next figure? Ellorrs Madak is the first choice picked by fans. A natural wanderer, this Duros chose to leave his peaceful existence and become a freelancing flight instructor and smuggler. With attention to detail on the face, body, and uniform, this 3.75-inch figure will make an enchanting addition to any collection.

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