Star Wars The Legacy Collection Padme Amidala Action Figure


  • Action figure based on the character from the Star Wars film saga comes with one Droid FactoryTM par
  • Figure comes with a weapon and 1 Droid Factory part.
  • Ages 4 and up.

Quick-thinking and brave, Padmé has made a career out of snatching victory from the jaws of defeat. On Ilum, her sharp eye and keen mind, along with a thermal detonator, save her from an ambush by a squad of heavily armed chameleon droids. Team up with this detailed figure and head into a galactic battle right from the comfort of your living room! Use this Padmé Amidala figure, dressed in her furry frock, to recreate some of your favorite Star Wars movie moments! Collect other specially marked Legacy Collection figures (sold separately) for more Droid Factory parts! Then build your very own custom droid figure! Figure comes with a weapon and one Droid Factory part.

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