Star Wars: Titanium Series Anakin's Podracer Vehicle Die Cast


  • Die Cast
  • ages 4+ years
  • Anakin's Podracer
  • includes display stand

Though this unique pod racer is a marvel of engineering, the true marvel is its pilot and builder, the young human Anakin Skywalker. Displaying a phenomenal understanding of engineering, the young prodigy not only salvaged a pair of junked racing engines, but developed an entirely new fuel distribution system. The young genius’s innovations kept the weight of the racer down, and boosted its speed on a straightaway to more than three-quarters the speed of sound. The light racer suffered a serious disadvantage against its heavier competitors in the brutal fender to fender racing of the canyon section of the Boonta Eve Classic, but dominated utterly in the open steppes. Reach for the skies – and lots of galactic adventure! - with this awesome replica!

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