The Creature Plastic Model Kit


  • The Creature from the Black Lagoon Plastic Model Kit
  • Requires assembly, paint and glue not included, for ages 8+
  • Now discontinued - collector kit
  • Young children will need help in assembling this model

The last remnant of a 15-million-year-old species, the creature from the black lagoon was neither fish nor human, but a hideous combination of both. Scales, gills, long webbed claws, and a pulsating slash for a mouth gave the creature a ghastly quality that catapulted the movie to instant cult-classic status in 1954. Here, he's forever captured in all his heartbreaking grotesqueness: arms raised, he emerges from the primeval swamp with vengeance in his haunted eyes. His reptilian companions--a hissing lizard and a venomous-looking snake--flank him; in the foreground are the bony remains of a hand. The 29-piece kit's sturdy styrene pieces are more substantial than you'll find in most kits these days; the finished model is about 9 inches tall. It's not complicated, but you'll need care and patience when putting it together (and maybe some light sandpaper or an emery board). Paint and cement aren't included, but the instruction sheet indicates colors for each piece. And if you don't feel like painting the gill-man, he looks pretty convincing in his moss-green unpainted state.

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