Titanium Series Marvel 3" Micro Dr Doom


  • 3 Inch Marvel Legends Titanium Series
  • Die Cast Metal
  • Includes Display Base
  • Ages 4 and up

DOCTOR DOOM Marvel Legends Titanium Series * 3 INCH * Die Cast Figure and Display Stand Scarred horribly by experimental forces that slipped out of his control Victor von Doom swore to never again be made helpless. Since that day, he has conquered all who opposed him, from the rulers of his native Latveria to the diabolic forces of the mystic realm. His might is legendary, his intellect second to none, his mere command enough to shake mountains to their roots. The only people on Earth to ever successfully oppose him are the members of the Fantastic Four, whose destruction he has made his personal goal for as long as he can remember. By them, Doom may be delayed, but Doom will not be denied. Add to your collection of Marvel Legends with this die-cast metal Thing figure! This highly detailed figure comes with a display stand. Ages 4 and up.

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