Titanium Series Marvel Spider-Man Sandman


  • Collectible, die-cast metal Sandman figure comes with a display case.
  • Ages 4 and up.

Flint Marko grew up rough. Abandoned by his father and ignored by his mother, he stole and cheated his way through school. After school he ended up in prison for a few years, but after that life out in the world really didn't offer him much until the birth of his daughter. The first time he held that little girl in his arms, he swore he'd do better by her than his parents had by him. Since then, though, nothing's gone right. He didn't mean to hurt anyone, and he sure didn't mean to get turned into a walking pile of sand. But if life has taught him one thing, it's that the past is in the past. What's happening right now is important, and right now Spider-Man is in between him and being with his wife and daughter. Add to your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man 3 collection with this die-cast metal Sandman figure! This highly detailed figure comes with a display case,

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