Toy Biz Marvel The Uncanny X-Men Sauron Action Figure 5.25 Inches


  • Includes: Sauron poseable action figure, club, and trading card.
  • Waist twists.  Jaw moves and the wings are super poseable.
  • Produced in 1992.  No longer in production.
  • Suggested for ages 5 and up.

X-Men Series 2 Sauron (Yellow Belt) NIP Action Figure from the 1992 toy series. Sauron is the most terrifying Evil Mutant. Sauron loves to silently swoop down and use his mutant power to hypnotize and drain the energy out of his victim! Then in the blink of an eye, he flies away ready to strike again! The more energy he drains, the more powerful he becomes. Because he can drain the energy from anyone, even another Evil Mutant, even Magneto, the leader of the Evil Mutants, fears him!

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