Transformers Movie Deluxe Exclusive Figure in Canister Barricade


  • Transforms into Police Car Mode
  • Decepticon Frenzy ejects from chest
  • Spring Loaded punch attack
  • Retail Exclusive product

Allspark Deluxe Barricade's cylindrical packaging allows him to be presented in robot mode. Barricade's sleek black chassis is enhanced by touches of vibrant blue; the power of the Allspark has heightened Barricade's ability to move undetected among Earth's gullible human populace. If you examine the door panels of Barricade's Saleen S281 police car altmode, the ordinary trite 'to protect and serve' is replaced by the phrase 'to punish and enslave. Barricade's robot mode is vaguely apelike, the head rising through the bisected hood and the side panels serving as the arms.Barricade's head sculpt is one of the crueler and more organic-looking of the assortment. Additionally, Barricade's front grill/chest plate, ejects like a cuckoo clock to reveal the small, articulated figure of the robot Frenzy.

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