Transformers Movie Figure: Hardtop


Hardtop is a repaint of Cybertron Hardtop. Like his predecessor, this dingy-colored version Hardtop comes with a Cyber Planet Key that can be used to lengthen his gun into a sniper rifle; the gun coverts into a mounted cannon for Hardtop's dune buggy mode. Like most of the Cybertron-mold robots, Hardtop is pretty well articulated. Specializing in espionage, Hardtop is a sort of counter-operative to Bumblebee. For Hardtop the rivalry is strictly personal, causing Hardtop to prioritize Bumblebee's destruction even above the Decepticons' mission to relocate the Allspark. Hardtop's character profile names him as the first Decepticon to arrive on Earth. Shortly after his arrival, he was ambushed by his rival Bumblebee, but might have survived the attack.

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