X-Men Monster Armor Rogue Action Figure


  • Rogue Mutates into Leech-Bat
  • Monster Wings snap onto arms!
  • Monster legs snap onto feet!
  • Rare figure from 1997!

X-Men Monster Armor Rogue NIP Action Figure from the 1996 toy series. (with Snap-On Leech-Bat Armor) Captured by Mystique and mutated by Mister Sinister, Rogue has become a hideous leech monster! Possessing all of Rogue's super-strength and invulnerability, the leech monster's only desire is to feed off of the powers of other mutants. Controlled by Mystique and Mister Sinister, the monster-Rogue is nearly unstoppable siphoning the powers from other mutants making her stronger than ever.

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